What I Learned in College


I graduated college on Friday… what? (aka I have a BSSW and I start grad school in two weeks and by this time next year, I WILL HAVE A HOOD and an MSSW… what?)

I’ve learned a few things while being a Vol the past four years. So I decided to share those things. The list is long, but this does not scrape the surface of explaining how much college has impacted me as a person.

What I learned in college…

  • I learned that high school isn’t the best time of your life, college is. College is 100 times more homework, 100 times more responsibility, and 100 times busier BUT it is also 100 times more fun, 100 times more rewarding, and 100 times more life changing.
  • I learned what love is. I learned what love is in a relationship. I learned what love looks like in friendships. I learned how to love strangers. The oppressed. Unbelievers. Everyone.
  • I learned what a bad relationship is. Then I learned what a good relationship is.
  • I learned how to share the gospel, how to lead a Bible study, and how to worship.
  • I learned how to hold others accountable, and how to allow others to hold me accountable.
  • I learned what confidence is. I learned how to be confident in my walk with Christ, in myself, and as a social worker.
  • I learned that my goal in life is to be as much like Jesus as humanly possible.
  • I found my passions. Those passions include advocating for and helping the oppressed, loving people, and educating others.
  • I discovered myself. I found who I am. I became comfortable and happy with who I am.
  • I found out who I was spiritually, emotionally, physically, and politically.
  • I learned that social work is the best field on the planet.
  • I learned endless amounts of information about people, new places, and policies and politics. I gained so much valuable knowledge the past four years.
  • I learned that grades aren’t everything. But it still feels good to get that A.
  • I learned that sucking up to the people that matter is never a bad thing. Be the teacher’s pet. It benefits you.
  • I learned that I can’t do anything on my own. I need God, a field instructor, a boyfriend, a friend, a family member, or a stranger to help me.

These are just some of the things I have learned the past four years. I could keep going for days. It has been a quick and crazy time filled with so many learning opportunities. I have gained so much knowledge that I never had the chance to learn before being at a university where I met so many people. Each of those people have different beliefs, viewpoints, experiences and information that helped me discover who I am. I experienced new places. I did things I never thought I would do. I am so thankful for the past four years. I will never, ever forget the impact it has had on me.

Stay tuned for another blog next May when I’ll be thinking back on all I learned during grad school.


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