Loving people.


It’s pretty easy for me to love sinners. You know, the worst of the worst.

But it’s really hard for me to love Christians who don’t love those people.

God has commanded us to first love Him, and then love everyone like He demonstrates love for us. And I’m just as guilty as those Christians who don’t love the world because I have a really, really hard time loving them.

But why is it so hard to love the world like God commanded?

I love people. A lot. I want what’s best for all people. I want everyone to know Jesus. I want everyone to be happy and loved. I want no one to be sad or oppressed or hated or treated with disrespect.

God has specifically called me to work to make sure that everyone has that.

We should be advocating against what sin has put in this world like poverty, racism, sexism, and hate.

But so many who claim Christ advocate FOR those things. They value economic democracies over the well-being of people created by God. They value their privilege as a white man or woman over the need to accept modern racism as real. They value history and American pride over the need to move passed hatred and discrimination towards equality and freedom for oppressed people. They value tradition and gender roles over God’s love for men and women equally.

It’s so hard for me to love people who put their American freedoms over their Christian freedoms. God has given us the opportunity to LOVE people. To truly love them. To show them how Jesus loved us. To show them how to love when they do not deserve it, when we do not deserve it.

Why do we fail to do that so often? Why are we selfish beings who just want what’s best for our conservative beliefs? Why do we judge everyone based off their sin? Why do we say mean things and put others down who are different than us?

America is not my home. I do not care about my freedoms I have here on Earth, though I am thankful for them. I only care about the freedom from sin I have in Jesus Christ.

And I want to love people like He loves me so that they can experience that same freedom.


p.s. I’m working on loving Christians who fail to love others. I’ll get there eventually.




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