The thing is, I know I want to write down my thoughts on worship. I just haven’t decided how that is going to look, yet. If it turns out to be one giant word vomit, I apologize. If it turns out too short or too long, I’m sorry for that too. But here we go…

I, unfortunately, know too many people who think modern worship is of Satan. Too worldly. I also know too many people who think hymns are outdated and pointless. Too traditional.

I think both of those people are wrong.

I think it’s okay to prefer one style of worship over another. I, without a doubt in my head, prefer modern, contemporary worship music. But it’s okay if you don’t prefer that style. It’s just not okay for you to say that it’s wrong. Just like it’s not okay for me to say traditional worship is wrong.

God does not prefer for us to worship in one way or another. His Word does not say anything about the style of worship He wants from us. He only requires us to worship Him.

For the past two Sundays, I have attended a modern worship service and then a traditional worship service within an hour of each other. I already knew I preferred modern worship but experiencing the two back to back made it clear to me. The times I get most excited about what God has done for me, is doing for me, and will continue to do for me is when I am worshiping in a contemporary service. Those are the times I get the most in awe of what the Bible says about God. I love God the way I should love God in those moments. That’s why I prefer it. Because traditional hymns do not put me in a state of true, genuine worship for my Creator. They usually just make me fall asleep.

That’s my personal testimony of how I feel about worship. You don’t have to agree. You might be the exact opposite. You might feel totally uncomfortable in  a modern worship service. THAT’S OKAY. God does not care how you’re doing it as long as what you’re doing is genuinely giving Him glory for everything He is capable of.

I think it’s important to point out that change is not a bad thing. At one time, the traditional hymns we sing were new too.

Changing the way we worship, the way our sanctuaries look… none of that matters. God isn’t going to ask you how, He’s going to ask you if you did it. I hate that we get so caught up in what certain parts of church look like. Just do what glorifies God the most. It doesn’t matter if it’s different than someone else or if it’s different than forty years ago. Tradition isn’t Christian. If we get too caught up in tradition and rules, we begin to look like Pharisees. We need to look more like Jesus. He changed the world so we can’t be scared of change.

Changing with the times is part of life. I don’t wear what my grandparents wore and they didn’t wear what their grandparents wore. The world we live in changes every single day. It’s okay to change with it as long as we continue to live like Jesus did.


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