Typical- 8 Goals for the New Year


I’ve been trying to think of some goals I want to accomplish this year. New Year Resolutions, if you prefer. It’s a cliche. It’s possible I’ll forget I even made the goals by next December. It’s even more possible I won’t accomplish any of them. However, goal setting is something we are all constantly doing. We are always striving to be better in some way by setting standards for ourselves and then hoping to eventually meet that standard by completing a set of objectives. So here I am, setting goals for myself for the year of 2016. They are as specific as possible because research proves that the more specific a goal is, the easier it is to stick with.

1. Workout at least twice a week

I know it’s typical but look, I’m in my last year of undergrad. Possibly, my last year of college if I don’t get into grad school. Walking around on campus is the only reason I’m not obese because I eat a bunch of delicious crap. I haven’t touched the incredibly nice gym paid for by my ridiculously high tuition since my sophomore year. I need to workout not only to actually get in shape, but also, to get my money’s worth. I also kind of want to run a 5K.

2. Continue reading SheReadsTruth daily

Reading my Bible more is also a typical New Year Resolution. I finally found something that seems to work so my goal is to stick with it. I get the SheReadsTruth devotionals sent straight to  my email, and it forces me to read my Bible every day because I can’t stand to have that little red “1” next to my email on my phone. (Some people might be uneasy by this thinking that I’m only reading to mark it off my to-do list but it’s actually working really well).

3. Write more

I want to write more blogs instead of waiting for something to infuriate me before I’m inspired to do so. But in addition to that, I want to journal. I want to journal prayers, thoughts, emotions, concerns, daily activities. Writing is a good stress relief technique. It also helps my failing memory to remember good and bad times.

4. Start a memory box

To go along with writing, I also plan to start a memory box. I got a beautiful box for Christmas that would make the perfect place to house memories. I want to pack it full of pictures, notes, letters, journal entries, objects and more. Then next year, I can reminisce on 2016 and start all over with 2017.

5. Say no more often

I’m a busy person. I have a lot of responsibilities. I’ve committed to something every night of the week during the school year except Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I lead a Life Group which could fall on any day of the week. I hold two positions on a leadership team. I have responsibilities with school and my internship which takes up a lot of my time. I am a volunteer with a local non-profit that requires my weekly attendance (and more). I just do a LOT of stuff that I love to do. Yet I struggle to say no when someone asks me to commit to something else. I need to stop saying yes and start taking some responsibilities off my shoulders so that I can put 100% into everything I do. I am constantly choosing between two commitments instead of being able to do everything with all that I have.

6. Say yes to more adventures

In addition to saying no to more responsibilities that I don’t have time for, I want to say yes to more adventures. I’ve missed a lot of opportunities throughout the past few years. Realizing that I no longer have a “summer break” left hits hard. I need to start saying yes to more adventures while I have the chance to do so.

7. Learn to play an instrument

I’ve attempted and failed to keep the motivation to learn guitar and piano. I think it’s about time I actually learn to play at least ONE instrument. Literally, the tambourine would be okay with me. I don’t even want to be good. I just want to be able to say I can somewhat, kinda play an instrument (i.e. drums).

8. Live out Proverbs 31:8-9

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves; ensure justice for those being crushed. Yes, speak up for the poor and helpless, and see that they get justice.”

I already strive to do this, but I fail all the time. For my last goal of the New Year, I need to be kinder, gentler, more giving, louder, and more passionate to accomplish speaking up for those being crushed to ensure that they get justice. I want to live this verse out more in my life and also as I move into my career as a social worker. I want to be a better advocate this year. I want to draw closer to Christ so that these actions that have been commanded to me will come more naturally and easily.


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