Roller coaster ride with Christ.


Life has been a bit crazy lately. A lot has changed in the last couple months, weeks even. (I mean I cut seven inches off my hair, that’s kind of huge). It can be most accurately described as a roller coaster. As soon as I’m up, I’m down and as soon as I’m down, I’m up. Thankfully, I think this particular ride is almost to its end and as strange as it sounds, I’m so excited for the next one. (I’m just hoping there are a lot more ups during that one). God hasn’t called me to adopt fourteen kids and move to Africa. But he has called me to be a social worker and I cannot. freaking. wait. to see where it takes me. He’s also called me to be a Life Group leader next year. (Is it August yet?!). But for now, He’s called me to dedicate my summer to Him. I’m not going overseas. I’m not working at a camp. Heck, I don’t even have a job. But I’ve got a list of books to read (shoutout to everyone who gave me suggestions!), a motivation to figure out a daily quiet time schedule that I’ll actually stick to, and a drive to make Christ the center of all my relationships. I don’t know what else God has planned this summer but I do know that I’m going to try my best to do everything with Him in mind. Psalm 77:13 has been my life verse recently. “Your way, O God, is holy. What god is great like our God?” What I think is best for me, what everyone else thinks is best for me, is nowhere near what God knows is best for me. Join me in a summer dedicated to Christ.



2 thoughts on “Roller coaster ride with Christ.”

  1. Enjoy the ride, Makenzey! 🙂 It sounds like you’re in for some exciting stuff with the Lord.
    Sunday Best and All the Rest

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