10 Things That Make Me Happy!


I like to think I’m a happy person. I’m pretty positive when it comes to life and I like to surround myself with people who are like-minded in that aspect. I’m not a fan of the “I hate life” outlook and I really love when people smile through hard times. So I decided to make a list of ten things that make me happy. There are obviously a whole lot of other things that make me happy but here are ten.

1. Jesus. He clearly has to be number one. Worship excites me. As a Christian, if Jesus doesn’t overwhelm you with joy, there’s a problem. We have someone who takes care of all of our worries, someone who loves us SO much, and someone who is always there for us. How could that NOT make you happy? The reason I can smile through hard times is, without a doubt, Jesus.
2. My family/friends/boyfriend. I’m way too blessed when it comes to those who surround me. I constantly feel loved and encouraged by the wonderful people in my life. I’m always being pushed further into my relationship with Jesus because of these people and I can’t express into words how happy they make me.
3. Lord of the Rings. Okay, yeah, I might actually start crying tears of joy if I go into how happy Middle Earth makes me.
4. Oreos. I nearly died this morning when I found out they’re coming out with cookie dough Oreos… do I really need to say more? So much happiness in one little cookie… or two… or three… or four…
5. Dogs. Dogs are just great. They’re never sad! How… HOW can you look at a puppy and not smile? It’s impossible. They’re so loveable and fluffy and amazing. Don’t judge me when I turn out to be a crazy dog lady.
6. Hugs. Nothing can change a bad day like a tight, warm hug and my friends give the best hugs.
7. Phone calls. I used to be a little intimidated by phone calls but now I wish I received them more often. I’m not talking like two second business-y phone calls, I’m talking about random calls just to talk. They could last five minutes… or two hours and either way, it’s great.
8. Kangaroos. I have an obsession with kangaroos. They’re soft and cute and they bring back good memories. You can’t be sad while petting one… unless they kick and kill you… but that’s not important.
9. Netflix. Netflix erases stress, it really does. Stressed about homework? Put the homework aside and put on an episode of your favorite TV show! It causes a lot of laughs and a lot of procrastination. Two of my favorite things!
10. Sunsets/sunrises. I vowed never to take another 8AM class but I would take another in a heartbeat just to watch the sunrise every morning. I absolutely adore sunsets and sunrises and I’ve been known to scream and take 300 pictures… God is a freaking artist, okay?

There you go! Those are ten (out of about 20,000) things that make me happy! Maybe I’ll write a blog about positivity soon.


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