3 Reasons Why I Don’t Drink


I don’t drink alcohol and I never plan to. Here’s why.

[Before you can understand my reasons behind it, you have to understand these two things. 1. I know, I KNOW that drinking in small amounts is not a sin and that most Christians probably drink. I’m not condemning that or saying that it’s wrong. But for me, personally, that’s not what I want. 2. All of these reasons are personal to me. This is about my personal relationship with Jesus. I understand that yours is different than mine.]

1. Alcohol affects my witness.
I’m not very outgoing. Talking to strangers, friends, family about topics that could potentially be uncomfortable is not my favorite activity. I’d much rather let someone else do the witnessing but I haven’t been given a choice. My friend Kylee once made the statement that not drinking is an instant conversation starter. If someone sees me not drinking while everyone else is, they’ll ask why. Instant opportunity to talk about Jesus.

2. Alcohol affects the way people see me.
When I see someone checking out at Wal-Mart with a pack of beer, my first initial thought is far from “Christian”. This person could easily take months to finish off all that beer, or a day. How could I know? When people see me, I don’t want them to question. I want them to immediately label me as a Christian. There are more affective ways of doing that than drinking.

3. Alcohol can cause sin.
As I mentioned in my disclaimer, alcohol isn’t a sin, but being drunk is. In reality, what does one drink usually lead to? More drinks. Some people are really good about being cautious but not everyone is. Not only am I at risk of sinning by allowing myself a drink, but let’s say several people are at my house and alcohol is available, I’m tempting everyone else to get drunk.

Again, I’d like to repeat that I’m not pointing fingers or trying to convince anyone to do things my way. These are just my personal reasons for not drinking.


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