The 1 Thing to do Before Getting Married


This post was recently floating around the internet and though, I agree that I can’t imagine myself getting married before the age of 23 and sometimes that causes me to judge those who do, they’re not wrong. As I read through this article, I got the point. I understood where the writer was coming from and I understood why people were sharing it. Then I read the list of “23 things to do instead of getting engaged before you’re 23” and it lost me. Making out with a stranger, baking a cake, dating two people at once, disappointing your parents, hanging out naked in front of a window, and being selfish are not going make you more ready for marriage than the 19 year old who just got engaged to her boyfriend of four years. After a few days of seeing this list being shared by Christians with comments such as “I’m planning on accomplishing everything on this list before I get married!”, I saw a response article being shared. My first thought? “HALLELUJAH! Someone else disagrees! Yay humanity!”… until I didn’t agree with that one either. While reading through the article, I liked where it was going. It states that if eating a jar of Nutella is all you get out of life outside of marriage, then marriage looks pretty darn good. Good point. Everything in the article had so much potential and then when I got to the actual list, it all came crashing down. While sponsoring a child, traveling, learning a new language, reading the Bible, and writing letters are definitely characters of a more classy and productive bucket list, it still failed to be what I was looking for. So here I am, about to tell you what I think is “The 1 Thing to do Before Getting Married”.

1. Have a relationship with Jesus.

Before you can start a relationship with someone else, you have to start a relationship with Jesus. Before you can love someone else, you have to love Jesus above that person. Before you can get married, you have to learn what the Biblical definition of marriage is. It truly doesn’t matter how old you are as long as you (and your significant other) have a growing, healthy relationship with Jesus. If you’re 18 and Jesus is done using your single self, go! Get married! I’m sure He has a thousand things planned for your new married self! If you’re 30 and getting married will only slow down the work you’re doing for Jesus. Stay single and keep working! It, also, really doesn’t matter how many things you cross off a bucket list because, let’s be honest, cutting your hair or reading a classical fiction novel has absolutely nothing to do with marriage.


4 thoughts on “The 1 Thing to do Before Getting Married”

  1. Hi Makenzey! I found you through a recommendation on Kalin’s blog. 🙂 What you say is so true…having a relationship with Jesus is the most important thing any person can have and prepares us for other relationships.

  2. Good thoughts, Makenzey! I think having a true relationship with Jesus is something a lot of people miss, and something I personally need to work on…

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